New U.S. Child Tax Credit Is Big Step for Kids—Let’s Get It Right
June 28, 2021
In a few short weeks, child tax credits checks will arrive in the vast majority of parents’ bank accounts. This is a monumental opportunity for American kids and families, but its success cannot be taken for granted.

Child Impact Assessments Can Help Put Kids at the Forefront of Pandemic Recovery
March 2, 2021
As the nation sets its sights on recovering from the pandemic, we know that policymakers at all levels of government will be making hugely consequential decisions about the future. Child impact assessments can help them ensure they both understand and are responsive to children’s needs.

A “new normal” for the country’s children: How we can put kids’ needs front and center as we rebuild from the COVID-19 crisis
May 12, 2020
While COVID-19 itself has not appeared to hit children as tragically hard as it has others in our communities, the pandemic is nonetheless threatening the future growth and healthy development of children.

Report: Policymaker Accountability for U.S. Children’s Well-Being
February 25, 2019
Kids Impact Initiative has completed an analysis of policymaker accountability for children’s well-being in the present political times. It finds that strengthening policymaker accountability for kids is more urgent than at any time in this century.

We Need to Elect Kid-Partisan Leaders Now
October 10, 2018
Today, we have too few examples of acts of bipartisanship in service of our nation’s kids. Instead, we have heated rhetoric and political scorekeeping. Our children are in dire need of kid-partisan champions.

VoyageLA Magazine: Stories that Inspire Us
June 5, 2018
Wendy Lazarus tells how she became a child advocate and why it is the work she loves.

Bring Kids to the Polls With You
May 25, 2018
In every election, people may cast their vote solely based on how well a candidate represents their view on what matters most to them . But what if these voters were to consider prioritizing another issue — one that had implications across partisan divides and policies? Imagine if, before casting a vote, citizens asked themselves what the candidate commits to do for kids.

Digital Exclusion: A Troubling New Form of Student Segregation
May 8, 2018
Five million households in this country with school-aged children don’t have broadband access. But what makes this about segregation is the population most disproportionately affected—Black and Hispanic children living in low-income households.

“Will Today’s Young Activists Become Their Generation’s Lifelong Advocates for Change?”
March 28, 2018
With their remarkable media and organizing savvy, young activists are changing the gun debate and beginning to hold politicians accountable. But we believe they have even more potential: Our hope is that some of these young people will build on this passion for justice, and in the tradition of past activists, become the next generation of advocates who commit to work over the long term toward a more equal and humane America.

“We Measure and Are Accountable for the Things We Care About”
December 18, 2017
It’s a fact: As a nation, we measure and hold ourselves accountable when we care about something. If something is important enough to us, we find a way to measure where we stand and use that both to make progress toward an important goal — and to take corrective action if we backslide.

“We Can Be the Superheroes America’s Kids Need”
September 15, 2017
This summer, the story of a pioneering superhero who saved the world from destruction enthralled and inspired millions. But you don’t need to be Wonder Woman — or any other caped superhuman — to hear the call of those in need, to take action, and to come to their rescue.