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Child & Youth Impact Assessments
Policymaker Accountability
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Child & Youth Impact Assessments

Fact Sheet #1: Child & Youth Impact Assessments—Putting Kids Front and Center in Policy Decisions Introduction to what youth impact assessments are and ways they can motivate decision-makers to be more accountable for children’s well-being.

Fact Sheet #2: Youth Impact Assessments—Making Sure Kids Get Their Fair Share of American Rescue Plan Funds Step-by-step guidance on how to use youth impact assessments to ensure federal COVID-19 response funds benefit children.

Fact Sheet #3: Youth Engagement—A Key Ingredient for Effective Youth Impact Assessments Summary of the crucial role youth play in ensuring the success of youth impact assessments and ways to promote young people’s meaningful engagement.

Fact Sheet #4: Child & Youth Impact Assessments—Helping Elected Officials Improve the Lives of Children & Youth Guidance for decision-makers in using impact assessments as a way to be more connected to the children and families they represent and put the interests of young people front and center.

Case Studies
Stories from across the nation and internationally that show how impact assessments have made a difference for children and youth.

Youth Impact Assessment Tools for Local Communities & States One-page list of essential tools and resources that support communities in implementing youth impact assessments.

Planning Checklist: Child & Youth Impact Assessments (CYIAs) Practical tool to help any community move systematically through the Start-Up, Design, and Implementation phases of organizing youth impact assessment initiatives.

How to Design a Child Impact Assessment Initiative that Best Fits Your Community: Key Decisions Roadmap Graphical depiction of ten key decisions community leaders need to make as they design their impact assessment initiative.

Downloadable Child/Youth Impact Assessment Form This sample form can be downloaded and filled in. For greatest ease-of-use, the design is simple with minimal formatting. It can be adapted to meet individual goals and needs.

Example of Completed Impact Assessment at County Level An assessment of a proposed anti-discrimination housing policy in Clark County, Nevada, developed by Kids Impact Initiative.

Example of a Completed Impact Assessment at State Level An assessment of a proposal in the Texas legislature to expand access to broadband, developed by Kids Impact Initiative.

Policymaker Accountability

The Policymaker Accountability Accelerator Model: Report graphic

Twelve Types of Accountability Activities: Report graphic

Leadership Transitions

Checklist for Executives A quick guide for nonprofit executives for determining a step-by-step process for ensuring a successful transition to a new leader.

Six Strategies for Nonprofit Leadership Transition: How to successfully hand off your organization to the next generation In the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Laurie Lipper and Wendy Lazarus highlight key strategies for leading an executive transition.