Youth Engagement

Engaging Youth in Policymaking
Youth Voting Rights

Engaging Youth in Policymaking

Kids Impact Initiative, Fact Sheet: Engaging Youth: A Key Ingredient of Effective Youth Impact Assessments

Annie E. Casey Foundation, Achieving Authentic Youth Engagement: Core Values & Guiding Principles 

Annie E. Casey Foundation, Authentic Youth Engagement

New Zealand Children’s Commissioner, How to be child-centred

British Youth Council, UK Youth Parliament

Child Friendly Cities Initiative, Child and Youth Participation—Options for Action

Opportunity Youth United

Student Voice

UNICEF, Child Participation in Local Governance—UNICEF Country Office Case Studies

UNICEF, Tip Sheets for Adults, Adolescents and Youth on Adolescent and Youth Participation in Different Settings

Critical Mentoring, Video highlighting mentoring as an experience that centers youth, with an emphasis on race, ethnicity, class, citizenship, gender, and sexuality

Youth Voting Rights

Voting Age National Youth Rights Association 

Efforts by and Examples at the Federal, State, and International Level to Lower the Voting Age National Youth Rights Association

Vote16USA National Campaign that supports efforts to extend voting rights to 16-and17-year-olds

Dahlgaard, Jens Olav, “The Surprising Consequence of Lowering the Voting Age,” The Washington Post, (2018)

The Children’s Voting Colloquium is a global collaboration of researchers, activists, child-led and adult-led organizers, policymakers, and others dedicated to eliminating voting discrimination according to young people’s age.