What We Do

Kids Impact’s purpose is to develop and promote strategies that support and strengthen the child advocacy field as a whole. Based upon substantial research, we have identified holding public policymakers accountable for children’s well-being as an especially effectual strategy for child advocacy. All too often the needs of children and youth are left out of policy considerations. Yet, policymakers have the potential to improve outcomes for millions of children in the nation—at every level of government. Policymaker accountability strategies are also ripe for innovation and action.

Specifically, we conduct and publish independent research, develop tactical advocacy strategies, create easy-to-use tools, and serve as a targeted resource on accountability for children. We also partner with a diverse set of people and organizations who are on the front lines of child advocacy, providing guidance and technical assistance, as they hold local, state, and federal decision-makers accountable for how kids’ lives are impacted by their actions.

In addition to its focus on public sector accountability, we also continue to publish commentary on various topics relevant to strengthening advocacy for the nation’s children, including transitioning to the next generation of leadership for child advocacy organizations.