The Role of Journalism in Policymaker Accountability
Communications Tools to Support Policymaker Accountability
Sample of Public Opinion Polls

The Role of Journalism in Policymaker Accountability

The Media Trust Resource Hub provides tools, training, and support to help youth to use a broad spectrum of communications modalities to tell their own stories and those of their communities and impact change.

FrameWorks Institute issue-based toolkits offer practical framing strategies that communicators can put to immediate use. 

In partnership with the FrameWorks Institute, Leading for Kids issued three publications aimed at changing the way we talk about children and their needs in a way that resonates more clearly with the public and policymakers: 

ASO Communications (Anat Shenker-Osorio) developed reports for early childhood funders in California that examine the use of a variety of techniques from the field of cognitive linguistics (which is dedicated to how people process information and communicate). These reports examine how people formulate judgments and come to conclusions about resources for young children’s development. See Minding Our Words: Making Our Best Case for Kids in California (2016) and the related language analysis resource.

Raising Awareness through Public Outreach Campaigns: Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Accountability Handbook

Engaging with the Media: SDG Accountability Handbook

Communications Tools to Support Policymaker Accountability

The Role of the media in democratic governance, Governance and Social Development Resource Centre, University of Birmingham 

Generating Genuine Demand for Accountability Through Communication: A Trainer’s Guide,  The World Bank

Media Fostering Accountability: Accountability Resource Guide, A resource guide focused on using journalism to support building a society in which the powerful are accountable to the rest, Free Press Unlimited Resource Space

Holding Power Accountable: The press and the public, American Press Institute

Samples of Public Opinion Polls

  • 2020 public opinion survey by Lake Research Partners and commissioned by First Focus on Children showing that voters rank children as a top priority
  • 2020 voter survey  from Center for American Progress and its partner at public opinion polling firm, GBAO, showing strong public support for increased government steps to make affordable high quality child care available
  • 2021 national poll, commissioned by Children’s Funding Accelerator (Children’s Funding Project’s advocacy arm) and conducted by FM3 Research, of U.S. voters showing that creating equitable opportunities for children should be a high priority for government 
  • Building Public Support for Investments in Early Childhood – updated polling information from Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates, April 2017
  • 2017 survey of San Joaquin County, California, showing voter support for a cannabis tax which would, in part, fund services for children and families