Report: Policymaker Accountability for U.S. Children’s Well-Being

Kids Impact Initiative has completed an analysis of policymaker accountability for children’s well-being in the present political times. It finds that strengthening policymaker accountability for kids is more urgent than at any time in this century. Leaders for children understand this and recognize that kids’ issues need more clout. This report describes promising models from other social movements, other countries, and within child advocacy that can help lead the way. Kids Impact has developed a Policymaker Accountability Accelerator Model and a three-part action plan in the report. Read more.

Policymaker Accountability for U.S. Kids’ Well-Being: Charting the Course & A Call to Action: Executive Summary

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View the report announcement.

The Policymaker Accountability Accelerator Model: Report graphic

Twelve Types of Accountability Activities: Report graphic

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