Report: Child Impact Assessments: A Missing Piece to Spur Progress for U.S. Children

Child impact assessments have been used successfully in other countries and other fields but not yet in the U.S. to achieve shared goals for children. This brief provides policymakers background research and an action-oriented roadmap for using child impact assessments at the city, county, and state levels.

Child Impact Statements: A Missing Piece to Spur Progress for U.S. Children: An Action Brief for Cities, Counties and States

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COVID-19 and Child Impact Assessments
As the COVID-19 virus has upended business as usual for governments, there is an urgent need and opportunity to put in place accountability measures that promote the well-being of children during the COVID-19 recovery period. COVID-19 Action Memo outlines ways to get started immediately.

See A “New Normal” for the Country’s Children: How We Can Put Kids’ Needs Front and Center as We Recover from the COVID-19 Crisis.