State-Based Advocates Educating Candidates or Voters

These resources provide a wealth of examples of electoral advocacy for children as well as ways to get involved near you.


Voices for Alabama’s Children: 2018 Voters’ Guide


Children’s Action Alliance: 2018 General Election Guide


Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families: 2018 Voters’ Guide


The Children’s Partnership: Voter Guide to Improve the Lives of California’s Children


Campaign 4 Kids (Colorado Children’s Campaign): 2018 Election Guide

Colorado Children’s Campaign Early Childhood Recommendations for Candidates


Connecticut Voices for Children: Candidate Briefing Book (2018)

Connecticut Voices for Children: Early Care and Education Candidate Guide (2018)


DC Action for Children: DC Vote for Children and Youth 2018 (Election Advocacy Guide Toolkit)


Voices for Georgia’s Children: The Economics of Early Care in Georgia


Children’s Policy Coalition

Every Child Matters Iowa


Michigan’s Children: A Michigan’s Children ‘Watch Party’: What to Listen for When Presidential Debates Come to Detroit


Vote Kids Nebraska: 2018 Candidate Questionnaire


Children’s Advocacy Alliance: Candidate Conversations

New Hampshire

Every Child Matters: What’s Happening in New Hampshire

New Jersey

Advocates for Children of New Jersey: NJVotes4Kids Election Advocacy Toolkit (2017)

New Mexico

New Mexico Voices for Children: New Mexico Kids at the Crossroads 2018

New York

The Children’s Agenda: 2018 New York State Legislature Candidate Questionnaire

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy’s Voting for Children: Questions for Candidates and Lawmakers

Schuyler Center for Analysis and Advocacy’s Voting for Children: Because Our Future Depends on It (2018)

Westchester Children’s Association’s FactSheet: Early Education

Westchester Children’s Association’s FactSheet: Economic Security

Westchester Children’s Association FactSheet: Home Visiting Program

Westchester Children’s Association’s FactSheet: Raise the Age – New York


Texans Care for Children: Voter Guide and Questions for State Candidates


Voices for Virginia’s Children: 2019 Election Guide


Children’s Alliance’s Candidate Questions (2018)


Wisconsin Council on Children and Families: Elect Candidates for Kids

If you are working to make children a higher priority in elections and not yet listed here please let us know. Contact us at