Other Election-Related Activities

These resources include local, state, and national examples that can inform election work beyond educating candidates. A few of these are partisan activities that cannot be carried out by nonprofit organizations.

Candidate Forums

Forum on children, 2018 gubernatorial race (California)

Michigan’s Children: A Forum for Change and Vote Like Our Future Depends On It (Michigan)

Vote for Ohio Kids Leadership Forum (Ohio)

Youth Engagement

Campus Election Engagement Project (nationwide)

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth: Tips to Engage Youth in Winning Dedicated Funding for Children, Youth, and Families (California)

Coleman Advocates for Children and Youth: Youth Engagement in Ballot Measures (California)

National Children’s Campaign (nationwide)

Nonprofit VOTE: Voter Registration Resource Library (nationwide)

PoliTalk USA (nationwide)

Rock the Vote (nationwide)

Youth Service America: ServiceVote (nationwide)

UNICEF USA: Youth Study (a poll of US youth ages 8-17) (nationwide)

Ballot Measures Affecting Children

Children First for Oregon: 2018 ballot endorsements (Oregon)

Children’s Alliance: Ballot measures postcard (2018) (Washington)

Children’s Alliance: Ballot positions (2018) (Washington)

Children’s Funding Project: Local Financing Efforts (nationwide)

Funding the Next Generation: The Little Red Wagon Story (California)

Local Children’s Fund Ballot Measures (California)

Candidate Endorsements 

Stand for Children Arizona (Arizona)

Polling and Messaging About Children

Children’s Policy Coalition: “Poll Reveals that Children’s Issues are Most Important to Iowa Voters for 2020” (Iowa)

Forum for Youth Investment and Funding the Next Generation: Polling on Children and Youth Issues – Best Practices  (One-hour webinar with noted pollster Celinda Lake. Registration required.) (nationwide)

Choose Children 2018: “Nearly 9 in 10 Voters Support Greater Investment in Early Childhood Care & Education by California’s Next Governor” (California)

Latino Policy Coalition and the California NAACP: California Early Childhood Education Funding Ballot Measure Survey (California)

No Kids in Prison: What the Public Says (nationwide, with some state-specific resources)

FrameWorks Institute: Children and Families (nationwide, with some international resources)

FrameWorks Institute: Policymaker Engagement (nationwide, with some state-specific resources)

Funding the Next Generation: Powerpoint presentation on issues heading into 2016, prepared by Celinda Lake, Lake Research Partners (nationwide)

The California Endowment: Southern California Voter Attitudes Towards Investing in Youth (California)

Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3): Framing the Issues for Small Communities and Conservative Audiences  (California)

Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3): Meta-Analysis of Public Opinion Data on Support for Early Childhood Services (California)

Fairbank, Maslin, Maullin, Metz & Associates (FM3): An Updated Perspective on Building Public Support for Investments in Early Childhood (California)

UNICEF USA: Youth Study (a poll of US youth ages 8-17) (nationwide)

If you are working to make children a higher priority in elections and not yet listed here please let us know. Contact us at info@kidsimpact.org.