Prior to founding the Kids Impact Initiative, Wendy Lazarus and Laurie Lipper co-founded and served for 22 years as Co-Presidents of The Children’s Partnership, a California-based nonprofit organization. They currently serve as Senior Advisors to the group. They have shared insights from their experiences of running the organization and then systematically handing it off to the next generation of advocacy leaders.

In their publication  “Insights From a Nonprofit Leadership Transition: Practical Ideas to Ensure a Successful Handoff to the Next Generation,” Laurie Lipper and Wendy Lazarus describe key lessons learned as they planned and implemented a leadership transition, while still running their organization day-to-day.

The Checklist for Executives serves as a quick guide for nonprofit executives for determining readiness to leaving the organization. 

In the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Laurie Lipper and Wendy Lazarus highlight key strategies for leading an executive transition. See “Six Strategies for Nonprofit Leadership Transition: How to successfully hand off your organization to the next generation.”

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