Case Studies: Child & Youth Impact Assessments

Metro Area North of Denver, CO: Rocky Mountain Partnership (RMP)—a coalition of cross-sector partners and community members—began using impact assessments in 2021 to achieve its goal of advancing economic and social mobility for community members, especially young people.

Fresno County, CA: Fresno Cradle to Career (Fresno C2C) works to build equitable systems and inclusive economic mobility for children and families through cross-sector partnership, collaboration, and measured improvement. It started using impact assessments in 2021 and prioritizes the involvement of youth in developing them.

Santa Clara County, CA: This case study provides a good example of how a county elected official championed the creation of child impact statements and built support to pass a resolution instructing county agencies to use them. Established by the County Board of Supervisors in 2011, child impact statements are still in use today.

Shelby County / Memphis, TN: This impact assessment program started in 2008 and was, to the best of our knowledge, the first in the U.S. It began when a County Commissioner (a Republican) and the Mayor of Memphis (a Democrat) agreed that many of the economic and social conditions they grappled with were largely the result of “poor childhood outcomes.” The program is no longer operating.

Scotland: For nearly two decades, various entities in Scotland have promoted the use of impact assessments to consider the consequences of proposed policies for children and youth. As a result, impact assessments for children and youth are on a path toward becoming a routine part of decision-making throughout Scottish government.