This curated collection of resources is designed to help city, county, state, and federal governments; philanthropy; activists and advocates; and other leaders for children to develop and institutionalize ways to hold policymakers accountable for the well-being of children. What follows are some of the resources we found especially useful in our research and analysis because they address one or more of the components of an accountability strategy for kids. Some resources from other fields are included that might offer insights for children.

Child Impact Assessments

Relatively little has been published about child impact assessments. And, to our knowledge, information pertaining both to the U.S. and other countries has not been pulled together in one place.

Kids Impact’s resources are the place to start:

Additional resources are organized as follows:

U.S. Focus
International Focus
Child Impact Assessments (CIAs): Sample Tools
Racial Equity Impact Assessments
Impact Assessments in Other Fields
Training Resources
Youth Participation

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Policymaker Accountability Resources

These resources are included in the report, “Accelerating Policymaker Accountability, Charting the Course & A Call to Action.” Relatively little has been published or put together on accountability for children’s well-being as Kids Impact Initiative is defining it. By accountability we mean that public policymakers are clear about and highly incentivized to promote policies and practices that help children thrive, and mechanisms are in place to ensure shared expectations for children are met. At the end of these annotated resources is a bibliography of selected additional resources we reviewed in our research for this report.

U.S. Focus
State & Local
International Focus
Messaging Related to Children’s Well-Being
Additional Resources