Election Resources: Educating candidates on issues that matter to youth—and encouraging every voter to #votekids

Because children can’t vote or run for office themselves, it is all the more important that we, adults, vote for leaders who understand and prioritize their needs. And residents in certain communities can vote to support local ballot measures that generate needed funding for services for kids.

Kids Impact Initiative has gathered resources to support organizations and individuals at work to elect child-friendly leaders in 2022. We also hope these resources will inform early planning for the 2024 election, including using the ballot to generate needed new local resources for children and youth.

Below are particularly useful examples of these efforts:

  • As part of its advocacy to promote the health of children, families, and communities, the American Academy of Pediatrics is leading a nonpartisan campaign to provide tools to pediatricians so they can encourage voting among their patients and their families as well as to educate them on the connection between health equity and voting.
  • The Children’s Funding Project has compiled a list of the states and localities that will decide in this election whether and how to dedicate millions of dollars of public revenues to children.
  • First Focus Campaign for Children (@Campaign4Kids) is using social media to ask candidates in key races where they stand on issues affecting children—and share their responses with a growing network who follow and contribute to hashtags #VoteKids and #Whosforkidsandwhosjustkidding.
  • Vote Kids! 2022 Campaign Fund is a nationwide effort organized by leaders for children to support candidates for Congress who will be “difference makers” for kids in 2023. Through the fund, you can make non tax-deductible contributions to 15 candidates in competitive districts who can complete the investment agenda for children started in 2021-22.
  • Arkansas Advocates for Children and Families has created an Arkansas Voters’ Guide for the 2022 election. This guide offers meaningful ways individuals can advocate at the state level for those issues that have the greatest impact on children’s well-being, in addition to providing data on key issues that affect children and families in Arkansas.
  • Kids in Common, Choose Children, and Strong Start have teamed up to provide Santa Clara County, California, a Voter’s Guide on Children’s Issues for the 2022 election. The guide includes candidates’ responses to questions about key issues that impact children and youth. Though very few candidates took the time to respond during this election cycle, this advocacy begins to put candidates on notice that their voters care about children and will be watching how they lead.

See more election-related resources. And use social media to follow and post about kids and elections using hashtags #VoteKids and #Whosforkidsandwhosejustkidding.

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